Patrick Doody Went Missing in 1878, And It’s As If His Case Was Forgotten

Missing since 1878, Patrick Doody's case went so cold that it seems to have been forgotten. He is now guaranteed to be deceased, and his body may never be found. However, I wanted to bring light to one of he many socially stale cases that never lived to see the light of the Internet, until now. As I write this, his case has no public information. I learned of his case from a very old news article from 1978. Please click the article headline to read more about his disappearance.

(LOCATED.) John G. Schwind is a Nomadic Hiker Who Has Been Missing Since July, 2018. Have You Seen Him?

John George Ludwig Schwind IV went missing in July of 2018 while backpacking through the Pacific Northwest. At the time of his disappearance, he may have been in the area of Portland, OR or Seattle, WA. His family has not heard from him since. Have you seen him? Please click the article headline to open and read the entire article on his disappearance.

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