Kissimmee Man, Bryon A. Gravel, Has Not Been Seen Since 2006

Underground Mysteries — October 4, 2023

Bryon Arthur Gravel is an unreported missing person who was last seen at 950 Bellevue Street in the Kensington Gardens section of Daytona Beach, Volusia County, Florida on February 3, 2006. He was 25 years old at the time of his disappearance and would be 43 in present day.  His family has been searching for him for years and are desperate for answers.  The last time his family has seen him is about 2005.  Prior to his disappearance, he had been spending time in Kissimmee of Osceola County, Florida and a few different areas in Volusia County and Orange County, where several paper trails of him can be found.

Although Gravel was reported missing by his family many years ago, his case file cannot currently be located, and his sister is in the process of re-filing a report. 

Born on August 15, 1980 in Meriden, Connecticut, Gravel can be described as a 6′ tall Caucasian male with light brown / dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.  When he went missing, he had the following tattoos: a spider web on his elbow(s), an upside-down cross on his left cheek, and the middle finger symbol with the whole hand on his forearm.  Because he is a skilled tattoo artist, he may have acquired new tattoos or even covered up / changed his existing tattoos.

Prior to Gravel’s disappearance, he had been incarcerated in Osceola County, Florida for a crime that occurred with two of his peers, whose names I will not disclose, for their privacy.  In a public letter that Gravel wrote to the Judge, he stated that on March 3, 2005, he had been found not guilty of the crime for which he was incarcerated.  In his letter, he inquired about when he would be released from jail. 

It appears as though Gravel had been given a date to a court hearing, which was to take place after his jail release, but he did not show up to court on the day of the hearing.  His sister believes that the court officials considered him homeless at the time and that they did not try to locate him.  I viewed Gravel’s court disposition online, and his sister is in the process of obtaining the full docket in person to obtain more information. 

At the time of Gravel’s disappearance, on February 3, 2006, he was placed under arrest for a misdemeanor (which took place at the aforementioned address, 950 Bellevue Avenue in Daytona). That address is currently occupied by a Public Works organization.  I was able to confirm that this building was used as a Public Works organization since 1984. There is a chance that Gravel was arrested on the street and that was just the nearest address. 

Gravel did not serve jail time for his misdemeanor offense in 2006; there have been no sightings or records of him since that date. Prior to his last arrest, he had been living a transient lifestyle and had been staying in several homeless camps with two of his peers, who may the same people with whom Gravel was incarcerated.

Gravel worked as a roofer prior to his legal matters. It is unknown if it went back to this trade. Several public records exist in his name, but none are recent.  Since his disappearance, his driver’s license has not been used and is currently invalid.

I searched for Gravel on social media, but the only clue using his real name is a Facebook page which his sister had already found and had subsequently contacted, to which she did not receive a reply.

Gravel’s sister an advocate in his search, and she has conducted extensive searches for him, to no avail. If he reads this, she wants him to know that she wants him to come home, that she loves him, and that she wants him to let her know that he’s okay.

Gravel’s sister states that he had been using an alias of “Leo” or “Leonardo Gravel” around the time of his disappearance.  His first name is oftentimes misspelled, and it is even misspelled on some of his legal papers as “Bryan”. 

Gravel’s last known address is on Country Boulevard in Kissimmee, Florida.  I have reached out to his old roommates. Before living at this address, Gravel had lived on Atlantis Drive in Apopka in 2004.  Prior to that, he lived on East Rollins Street in Orlando in 2003 and Brack Street in Kissimmee in 2002.  The Country Boulevard was listed as his “residence” during his last arrest in 2006, but it is unknown if he was actually living still there or just using it as his address for the paperwork.

In Gravel’s youth, he attended Osceola High School in Kissimmee, Florida, and he was in the graduating class of 1998.  I have posted to an alumni group in case anyone kept in contact with him and has heard from him since 2006. 

It is unknown if Gravel’s social security number has been used for employment purposes.  I checked voter registration lists, but I was unable to find evidence to suggest he has been registered to vote. 

Unfortunately, Gravel’s mother has not seen or heard from him in many years.

Gravel’s parents and siblings are desperately seeking answers to his whereabouts.

I tried to locate the two peers that Gravel was known to have, but one is deceased and the other one is living transiently and cannot be reached.

I created a Facebook page titled, “Find Bryon Gravel” in effort to help search for clues to his whereabouts.  If you have seen or heard from Gravel since February of 2006, please reach out to someone on the Facebook page or via email, as there is no official police report on file for his disappearance yet.  However, if that changes, I will update this article accordingly.  I will pass any information along to his family.  Or, if you feel more comfortable, you could contact your local police department and mention this article.



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And here are some familial / ancestral names & places, in case he is being searched via forensic genealogy: Arthur Dwight Gravel, Jr. , Arthur Dwight Gravel, Sr. , Arthur D Gravel , Arthur Gravel , Art Gravel , Bernard Gravel , Ella Whittlemore Gravel , Ella Gravel , Whittlemore-Gravel , Faye Gravel , Faye W Gravel , Faye W. Gravel , Nora Teater , Louisville, KY , Sherie Bodner McClelland , Meriden, CT , Meriden, Connecticut

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  1. more and more people are sharing from other parts of the country since many have friends and family in florida

  2. It’s so sad to know a family member has been missing since 2006 yet recently have had many sightings and leads which has narrowed down to where he is residing. Our family misses him and anyone who may see him please reach out to any of us as we all have been actively involved in getting him back to his sisters Samantha Gravel and Maria Joshaphine. Thank you

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