Veteran William Joseph Jamison Went Missing in 1981 in Linden, NJ, But His Case Remains Cold. Have You Seen Him?

William Joseph Jamison went missing at the age of 33 in Linden and Roselle Park, both of Union County, New Jersey (NJ) on March 27, 1981. His car and him have never been found. He has now been missing for 40 years as of 2021. Have you seen him? Please click the article headline to read the full article on his disappearance.

What Happened to Dennis Neil Diamond & Donald Peterson? This Chilling Case of Two Men Who Vanished Together in Southern NJ or Philadelphia, PA in 1986 Has Gotten No Media Attention since 1986!

Two men suddenly vanished together in 1986 in NJ on a trip to PA. The vehicle they were in was found years later in PA. Does anyone have any clues to their whereabouts? Please click the headline title to read the entire article on their disappearance.

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