Missing Person Database

I designed and maintain a missing person database of unreported missing people in an attempt to keep track and monitor all missing person cases in a more creative, strategic way. (I do include all reported people as well, but the form below is only for people who do not have a missing persons report.) This database helps in comparing against unidentified remains, to help in the search for the missing people, and to keep awareness afloat. This database is not ran by law enforcement; however, I aim to send each case to authorities for them to keep on their radar and to see if they can help facilitate a report.

Please fill out as much as you know about your missing loved one. If there is anything you do not know, you can simply leave it blank. Please reach out to me at http://www.undergroundmysteries.com/contact if you have any questions or if the form gives you any errors. Thank you so much.

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