(LOCATED.) John G. Schwind is a Nomadic Hiker Who Has Been Missing Since July, 2018. Have You Seen Him?

John George Ludwig Schwind IV went missing in July of 2018 while backpacking through the Pacific Northwest. At the time of his disappearance, he may have been in the area of Portland, OR or Seattle, WA. His family has not heard from him since. Have you seen him? Please click the article headline to open and read the entire article on his disappearance.

James “Jimmy” Ronald Robinson- Unidentified Deceased Male

Update: Jimmy sadly passed away with his identity unknown. He had top genealogists working on his DNA, but because there was a great amount of endogamy in his bloodline, his case couldn't be conclusively solved by using DNA alone. Family members were contacted, but his parents or any potential siblings weren't found. It was found... Continue Reading →

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