Ms. Starkes, Missing From Ocala, FL or Atlanta, GA Since 1992

Update: Unfortunately, Ms. Starkes has been located deceased.

Underground Mysteries — March 11, 2023; updated on September 19, 2023

PREFACE: This is going to be an extremely informal and vague post because I do not have many details to this case. You may even be wondering, “Why post it then?” I have a method behind my madness. 🙂 So, usually in my posts, I provide a full name, missing date, missing age, photo, etc. In this particular case, however, I am not sharing this post as a “news article” as I normally would. I am posting this for **searchability only**. Why, you may ask? Well, people trying to identify living and deceased unidentified people oftentimes turn to the web and search engines to search for unreported missing person cases. And that’s where I come into play. Many cases have been solved by this method. So, again, I won’t be ‘circulating’ this post on social media, but it will be here, on the web, able to be found via a web search, in case anyone is searching relevant keywords.

DETAILS: A woman whose last name is Starke or Starkes (first name is unknown) went missing in Ocala, Marion County, Florida in 1992.  There is speculation that she may have been seen in Atlanta, Georgia after her disappearance.  She has ties to Valdosta, Georgia.  She was either 25 years old in 1992 or 25 years in the year 2000, when her sister posted to a search forum in an attempt to find her. It is presumed that there is not a missing person report on Ms. Starke(s), and if there is, it has not made it to the NamUs database. Regarding her physical description, all that was listed is that she is an African American (Black) female. If you are trying to identify a living or deceased Jane Doe that may match this description and geographical region, please reach out to me at so that I can give you all the information I have on this case— which isn’t a lot, but a start.


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