James William Smith, AKA “Willy”, Missing From Fort Worth, TX Since December 25, 2020


I received an entry to my missing person database regarding a missing person named James William Smith, also known as “Willy”, who has been missing since December 25, 2020. He was last seen in West Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.

Smith is described as a Caucasian male with blue eyes and a tattoo on his left inner arm that says “WILL” and a tattoo on his right knuckles that spell “One Deep”.

Smith walks as his primary mode of transportation. When he vanished, he was reportedly on foot, and he did not have a mobile device in his possession.

Because the person who filled out the database form did not leave contact information, I was unable to collect more data on Smith’s case. There are over several people with the name “James William Smith” from Fort Worth, and I do not know whether that was the area in which he resided or the area in which he was last seen. Eventually, I will research this case more to narrow down which James William Smith he is out of all in the area.

In the meantime, wanted to post this case, despite having missing information, as there is always a chance it could help provide a clue. Sometimes missing people get taken to a hospital or become Doe’s, and authorities try to identify them. They use the web as a main tool. I have brought closure to several cases from simply having an article written online, which is especially helpful with unreported missing people and those that are not in the NamUs database.

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