Sergio German Poblano, Also Known as “Peroco”, Disappeared on October 5, 2017.


Because this is a missing person case from Mexico, I also wrote a secondary news article in Spanish (Español), which you can find by clicking this link. 

Sergio German Poblano, also known as “Peroco”, went missing on October 5, 2017 after leaving his mother-in-law’s residence on Sierra del Pedregal en Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico.  He was 36 years old at the time of his disappearance, and he would be 42 years old at the time of this news publication. 

Although Poblano had a mobile phone in his possession at the time of his disappearance, it is unknown if authorities were able to track him by the phone pinging process.  Poblano’s family believes that there is evidence of foul play.

Born on September 14, 1981, Poblano can be described as a Hispanic male who is 5’5″ in height and 175 pounds in weight.  He has brown eyes, short brown hair, and a scar on his right arm.  He does not have any tattoos.  He enjoys football, and he worked as a taxi driver at the time of his disappearance.

Poblano was last seen wearing a blue polo shirt, black denim jeans, and white and silver tennis shoes.

If you have any information on Poblano’s whereabouts, please contact the CD Juárez Attorney General’s Office at +52 656-629-3300.  Note: This is a Mexican phone number, so if you need help placing this call, please reach out to me through my contact web form.  I will either call for you or help you make the call.

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