Have You Seen Christopher Miller? He Vanished After Running on Foot After a Car Accident in Janesville, WI.

Update on August 16, 2023: Unfortunately, Christopher Miller was located deceased.  His family has posted a GoFundMe fundraiser to hire a special type of lawyer who can assist with his tragic death.  Please click here to view the GoFundMe fundraiser.

Underground Mysteries — January 5, 2023

Christopher Rushawn Miller, 27, vanished suddenly on Saturday, November 19, 2022 at about 2:30 a.m. in Janesville, Wisconsin, after he had left running after an attempted traffic stop for speeding and subsequently crashing his vehicle into a traffic light.

At the time of Miller’s disappearance, he had been traveling alone in his vehicle. He was originally heading northbound on I-39/90 in Janesville, on his way back to his residence in Madison, Wisconsin. The state police attempted to pull him over for speeding, and he reportedly got off at the 171 mile marker exit and hit a light pole. He then made a right to turn around to go back southbound on the other side of the original highway (I-39/90). Upon driving southbound, his car became disabled after landing in a ditch around the 177.6 mile marker. After that, Miller reportedly exited his vehicle by foot and started running southbound (towards East Woodman Road), which was made evidential through surveillance footage. Below is a map of the precise location in which Miller was last seen on foot. To simplify, the approximate coordinates in which he was last seen is 42.628441, -88.982969.

And here below is a zoomed out map so you can have better perspective of where this area is:

Around the area in which Miller vanished, there is a walkway with a barb-wired fence. A piece of thread was found lodged in the fence, and DNA is currently being examined to see if it matches Miller’s DNA, to see if there is a chance he went over the fence. There are railroad tracks and woods in this location. On the other side of the fence is a bridge with a road overtop.

A prompt search took place for Miller, but he was not located. Miller’s mother believes another search is necessary, as there is much more grounds to cover in the area. The area in which he vanished is isolated and vast, and it consists of agriculture, with cornfields and soy fields nearby. His family worries that he could have gotten lost or injured in the broad land. A drone and canine was used in the search, but it is believed that the drone did not head over the area to which Miller was thought to have run.

The attire Miller was wearing when he was last seen consists of a black Nike sweatshirt with black and gray Nike AirMax sneakers.

Born on May 31, 1995, Miller can be described as an African American male who is 6’0″ tall and weighs 175 pounds, with dark brown or black hair, brown eyes, and a tattoo on his chest that says “Tammy”. He also has a scar on one of his thumbs.

It is unknown if Miller had suffered injuries from his accident before he ran away from the scene. His cellular phone was left behind in his vehicle, which means he would have not had a way to call anyone for help if he was isolated and lost. Because Miller was not wearing a jacket at the time of the incident, during frigid cold weather, this adds to his level of vulnerability.

Miller is a devoted father whose family states that he would have never intentionally avoided contact with them. They fear for his well-being and are gravely concerned.

Miller’s loved ones have been searching for him extensively, to no avail. They are seeking help from the community. For anyone who lives near the area in which he was last seen, please check your footage from any security cameras, if you have any, for any clues from November 19, 2022 from about 2:30 a.m. to about 10:00 a.m. or beyond. His family would greatly appreciate it. There is a $7,500 cash reward for anyone who has information leading to his whereabouts, after confirmation in him hypothetically being located.

Miller’s family members have set up a Facebook page dedicated to collecting clues and searching for him, which you can view here.

If you have any information on this Miller’s whereabouts, please contact your local authorities or call 911.

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