Estefanie Alegre Has Been Missing Since 2005 From Newark, NJ. Have You Seen Her?

Underground Mysteries — July 24, 2023

July 20, 2005 was the last time that anyone has seen or heard from Newark, New Jersey resident, Estefania / Estefanie “Stephanie” Alegre. Her family is desperately seeking closure.

Alegre had been living a transient lifestyle at the time of her disappearance, but she had never gone more than a few days without contacting her family prior to her disappearance.

Alegre can be described as a Caucasian and Hispanic female with black hair and brown eyes.  She is 5’4″ in height, and she weighed about 160 pounds when she was last seen.  She was 31 years old when she went missing, and she would be 50 years old in present day.

NamUs has Alegre’s first name spelled in two different ways: Estefanie and Estefania. I have also seen her name documented as Stephanie and Stefania in public records. NamUs also states that there is a chance she may have ventured to Glenridge or Montclair, both of Essex County, New Jersey.

If you have any information on Alegre’s whereabouts, please contact the Newark Police Department at 973-733-6277.  You may also call the New Jersey State Police Missing Persons Unit at 800-709-7090.

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