Transient Man Missing Since 1987 — The Story of James Lawrence Simmons


James Lawrence Simmons went missing in Sacramento, California on November 11, 1987 when he was 31 years old.  He had been living a transient lifestyle in both Sacramento and San Francisco, California at the time of his disappearance.

Simmons uses several other names, including Larson Simmons, Lawrence Yellowknife, and Larson Yellowknife Simmons. 

I searched through old documents and records in order to recreate Simmons’ timeline and paint a profile of his life. 

Simmons was born on December 9, 1955 in Hunt, Texas to Irvin James Simmons and Janiers / Janiece “Jimmie” Fay/Faye Tekubie.  Simmons, who is a full-blooded Choctaw Nations tribal member and has five siblings, spent his early childhood years in Idabel, Oklahoma.  When Simmons was just eight years old, his father tragically passed away.  Simmons’ mother got remarried to a man named Leland Roman, and the family moved to Clinton, Oklahoma, where Roman was raised.  When Simmons was a teenager, he and his family moved to San Francisco, California.  About three years after Simmons vanished, his mother moved to Big Bear City, California.  Simmons’ stepfather, Leland Roman, passed away in 1991, just four years after his disappearance, and Simmons’ sister, Cynthia “Cyndi” Jean Simmons, passed away about ten years after his disappearance after suffering an automobile-pedestrian accident. 

If alive today, Simmons would be 68 years old.  His family has been searching for him since his disappearance, and they are hoping clues to his whereabouts will emerge. 

Simmons’ mother and father grew up in Idabel, Oklahoma, where they resided on Choctaw Nation tribal land.  None of the tribal members have reported seeing Simmons since 1987.

Simmons can be described as a Native American male with wavy dark brown or black hair and brown eyes.  He is 5’10” in height, and he weighed about 150 pounds when he was last seen.  A notable characteristic trait Simmons has is an old injury near an unspecified arm near his elbow, where he was shot with a rifle.  His stomach was also grazed by a bullet on his stomach, which also created a scar.  Simmons also has one missing front tooth.  He has an unknown tattoo on his right hand.  Due to his previous injury, he has a handicap in his left arm and left hand. 

If you have any information regarding Simmons’ whereabouts, please contact the San Francisco Police Department at 415-553-0123, and mention case number 961743446.

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