Danny Jose Salome, Sr. (Danny J Salome)- Missing Since ~2000

2/9/2021 update:

I found this post on Zabasearch in 2014, which I reposted to the John Doe Lyle Stevik Reddit forum. (2021 update: Lyle has been identified.)  Zabasearch is no longer showing any of these messages. There’s no way to search the old messages either. They were removed from their system years ago.

Original Message:
“Message Sent Thursday, January 7 5:27 (Pacific Time) From: , , US; Area Code: Unknown; Zip Code: Unknown

I am looking for my cousin Danny that has been missing since 2001 (when his brother was brutally murdered). If anybody knows anything please let him know that his family is waiting for him with open arms.”

I did some research on all the Danny Salome’s I could find in the USA and found this post to be of a man named Danny J Salome. I have since been in contact with his family after discovering this post. Here’s what I found through research:

He may be using any of the following names: Daniel Jose Salome (aka Daniel J Salome, Danny Salome, Danny Jose Salome, Danny J Salome, Danny Crespo, Danny Salome Crespo, Daniel Crespo).
(Danny Jose Salome is his real name.)

CIRCUMSTANCES: Danny was born in the Dominican Republic on May 29, 1974. He had lived in Lynn, MA and then Houston, TX.  He had been indicted on drug charges in or around 2000. Danny’s brother Bryan was murdered in 2000, the same day or the day before Danny went missing. Danny’s court papers were not able to be served, as he could not be located by authorities. Detectives tried to find him in NYC, PR, MA, TX, and some other areas, to no avail.

Danny may have been involved in some altercation prior to his disappearance.

Through research, I found that Danny was found to have been incarcerated in 2004 to 2006 or 2008.  It is unclear if he was truly in prison or if there was a typo in his case.  I then found a document implying that he may have had an offense in 2017, with the following information:  Offense code: 35320000.  Possession of narcotics.  Case number: 631241.  Houston Police Dept.  

I also found a document in the national prison system stating that there was a Manuel Jacquez (Danny’s alias) released from jail on 2/2/2005, under register number 18702-051.

I want to bring this case to light.  Is Danny missing from society in general?  Is he hiding? Is he just estranged from family due to guilt over his brother’s death (since he was the survivor)?  Is he living as a transient?  Is he in danger?  Is his mental status clear?  There are so many possible scenarios.

Danny’s mother has never given up hope in finding him. She has been torn apart over this.  She wants to let Danny know that she desperately misses him and wants to find him.

He is not found in NamUs.gov.  In 2000, Danny’s mother alerted police that he was missing.  I believe that his missing person report was lost, purged, or somehow slipped through the cracks. He is considered an unreported missing person.  As I am writing this, there is no other information on him found online about him being missing.  Hopefully that will soon change with the circulation of his story.

If you see any records for Orange County, Florida for another man named “Danny J Salome”, they are actually Danny J Salome’s son’s records.

Danny, if you’re reading this, just know that your family has been looking so hard for so long for you.  They love and miss you so much. They just want you home.

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  1. Does anyone know anything about Danny? If so, please interact in the comments so we can try to help look for him. Also, I think his photo (not sure which one is him or his brother) pretty much rules out chances of him being Lyle Stevik. What do you all think?

  2. He used to live with us (my moms) house for awhile. I knew him by Danny Salome. The last I heard from him he was back home in Lynn, MA. His uncle came looking for him a several years ago but I was not home at the time. I was told by a close friend of his he was possible murdered around the time his brother was murdered over money/drug deal gone wrong. I have always wondered the truth and what ever happened to him.

    1. I’m so sorry for it having taken so long to notice your comment on this page. I first made this page in 2017, and at the time I did not even realize the comments had to be approved by me and that they would not just automatically show up. Today I’m logging in and getting back to everyone! To fix that for the future, I have now included my email on my page profile: info@doenaming.org. You can contact me anytime at that email. Also, I will be sending you an email to the email you used to create this comment. I was curious if I could be of any assistance to help take down any other information about Danny.

      I did speak to Danny’s mother. Is Danny your brother? Or did he live with you and your mother but he was a friend or something else?

      1. No not my brother. He was my brothers friend and lived with us. He became very close with our family. We miss him dearly. We heard stories about what could have or might have happened to him.

  3. I am the mother of Danny’s, Danny Jr if anyone knows anything please please get in touch with me my email is milliesservices@gmail.com my name is Millie Correa Caban his son he’s been emotionally devastated by this he misses his dad and would to have some type of closure his mother has hope he’s out there please anything helps.

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