Melissa Michelle Hovey- Missing Since March 2003

Update on 11/29/2021: Melissa Michelle Hovey has been located.

Melissa Michelle Hovey went missing around March of 2003.

Born on March 27, 1971, Melissa was a loving person who had a very bright smile. She lived in Winter Park, Florida. She was last seen around 8 PM at the 4300 block of Golden Rod Road in Winter Park, which was a family member’s house.

Melissa’s family claims to have sent her info to Namus, but I did a search and no results came back. This case (as of 2017) is not publicly listed on any other sites (except Zabasearch). (UPDATE on 2/4/2021: Melissa’s case has made it public and has a detective assigned to the case! It is now in Namus.)

The original post on Zabasearch message read:

Again we are trying to contact our daughter Melissa Hovey. Last seen in Florida. Missing since 2003. We have her picture on the missing persons web site (national center for missing adults) MELISSA PLEASE CALL US. URGENT. 352 346 7525 or 731 784 1949. or Love Dad

Apparently her father posted many times to Zabasearch looking for her, and the last post I see was from 2013-ish.

I found another post online of someone else looking for her: To: MELISSA MICHELLE HOVEY
“Hey Melissa, it’s Sue from the candle store. Would love to see you again. Email me back so we can get in touch. Sue”

Apparently her last known address was 10151 University Boulevard, Orlando, Florida.

Her father also posted several more times, using a different email:

Her father’s name is William “Will” Warren Hovey (born 1929) who may have lived in MI/ OH/ TN/ or FL. He is now deceased.

Hovey may be about 46 years old (as of 2017) I have found out from some online searching. (Update in 2021: She is now about 50 years old.)

Hovey is 5’6″ and around 130 lbs. She has dark brown to black hair and blue eyes. She is Caucasian. She wears contacts, possibly glasses. She may have a scar around the center of her forehead by her hairline. She has pierced ears.

Some people call her “Allison”.

If you have any information, please contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Office at 407-737-2400.
Reference Case Number: 03-071098.

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  1. Melissa Michelle Hovey is in the St. Pete /Clearwater area . She is homeless , works at a gentlemen’s club. If anyone is looking for her I am her sister and can get in touch with her. My name is Dawn Mitchell 815 505 7537 .

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