Colleen Kay (Carpenter) Burgess, Missing Since About 1974, Possibly 1973 or 1975, From Colorado

Colleen Kay Burgess, nee Carpenter,, went missing in about 1974 from Colorado. It is unclear what day and month she vanished. There is a chance Colleen has been missing since 1973, but chances are she has been missing since 1974 or possibly 1975. The circumstances behind her disappearance are mysterious. She left behind four children in a trailer park, who were later adopted around 1976.

At the time of Colleen’s disappearance, she was married to a man named Carl Edward Burgess. He too had abandoned the children. It is unclear if he left before or after her, though. Carl passed away in 1997, years after abandoning his children.

Colleen was born in Indiana in either 1948 or 1949. Carl was born in Oklahoma in about 1930. They got married on November 21, 1966 in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.

When Colleen went missing, she was not reported missing. (This is an unreported missing person’s case.) Her case is not found in Namus. I am hoping to shed light to this case, so we can hopefully find her family to have someone submit DNA to be compared to unidentified remains.

About a week after she vanished, she sent a letter to her family stating she was terminally ill and that she did not want anyone to see her suffer. I was not able to locate any death records on Colleen.

At the time she went missing, she may have been driving a green 1967 Chevrolet Nova.

Colleen has auburn, reddish brown hair and hazel eyes.

Please send a message through the contact tab of this website, or comment below, if you would like to add to this post or if you are looking for extra info. You could also try calling your local police station. There is no active investigation team on this case, and there is no official case to reference.

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