Martin Rafael Carvajal (Carbajal) Rodriguez

Martin Rafael Carvajal (Carbajal) Rodriguez has been missing since 1994 or 1995 (give or take). His exact date that he went missing is unknown, because he was in prison at some point in 1993-1996 in California. He has five other siblings and a son who are still alive. His mother is also still alive and is looking for closure.

Martin is of Hispanic descent, and he was born in Mexico. He is not reported as a missing person in the Namus system.

Martin’s DOB is September 15, 1966.

Martin may have started going by his middle name or a nickname. He may have gotten involved in the wrong crowd and met with danger. Or, he may have left voluntarily, and may be taking on a new identity.

If you have any info to add to this story or you know this man, please message me or comment below.

martin carbajal

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