The 20-Year Anniversary of Christian Maldonado’s & George Velez’ Mysterious Disappearance From Camden, NJ and Philadelphia, PA is Approaching. Have You Seen This Cousin Pair?

It has now been almost 20 years since cousins Christian Maldonado and George Velez went missing from Camden, NJ / Philadelphia, PA. Please click the article headline to read the full article I wrote on their disappearance.

Octavia Justina Owens, Missing Since December 12, 2020 (Update, Found Deceased)

Octavia Justina Owens, aka "Tav", is a disabled 29-year-old mother who went missing on December 12, 2020. It is suspected that she may have headed to the Trenton, NJ train station to attempt to travel to Philadelphia, PA. She was supposedly in a group chat with two men before she vanished; she had allegedly talked about hoping to meet up with a man that night. It is rumored that she may have been picked up at the Trenton train station by an unknown man.

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