Marc Roman, Unreported Missing Person Last Seen in Tampa, FL Since 2013

Underground Mysteries — September 19, 2023

Marc Roman is an unreported missing person from Tampa, Florida, whose friend, whom I shall refer to as “John” for his privacy, is concerned for his well-being.  John states that he last spoke with Roman in 1999.  Shortly afterwards, John joined the military and departed the Tampa area.  When he returned in 2013, he could not locate Roman.  He believes that his family also does not know what happened to him.

Born on August 31, 1976, Roman is the eldest of three siblings. He attended Leto High School in Tampa, Florida and graduated with the class of 1995. He went on to study abroad in Japan in 1997.   Around the time of his disappearance, in 1999, he was living at home with his parents.  The store in which he was employed had closed, and he began looking for a new job.

John wonders if Roman went back to Japan to start anew. Roman would be 47 in present day.

Roman can be described as a Caucasian male with eyeglasses, curly brown hair, and brown eyes.  His height and weight are unknown.

Roman also has ties to Saint Petersburg, Clearwater, and Largo, all in Florida.

If you have any information on this unreported missing person, please reach out to me via the following contact form:


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