American Woman Missing in Guadalajara, Mexico Since June 2022

Update: located safe!

Here is an unreported missing persons case of a woman originally from Clarksville, Tennessee who went missing in Guadalajara, Mexico while suffering disorientation:

Date Submitted:
Feb. 2, 2023 @ 10:39 PM

First name: Danna or D’Anna
Last Name: Hensley / Hawkins

Date missing: 06/01/2022

Missing from: Clarksville, Tennessee

Age at the time of disappearance: 48
Gender: Female
Height: Approximately 5’7″
Weight: Approximately: 200 pounds
Ethnicity / race: Caucasian
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Partially gray
Hair type and style when last seen: Thick hair that may be a little above her shoulders or a little past her shoulders.
Scars: None that the family is aware of.
Tattoos and piercings: She has a butterfly tattoo on her lower back or somewhere near an unspecified hip.

Dental notes: She has many missing teeth.
Last seen wearing: She was wearing a shirt and pair of jeans with eyeglasses and facial Covid mask.

Danna Hensley / Hawkins was last seen on June 1, 2022. Her family is highly concerned about her well-being. She is said to suffer from mental illness and is reliant on medication. Her family member states, “She took off on a us to Mexico headed to Guadalajara in June 2022, and she has not reached out to or contacted family to see if she is okay.” Her step-sister tried to contact people with whom she was associated in Mexico, and she was informed that she was surrounded by bad company. Her mother is very sick, and she is desperately hoping for answers to her whereabouts.

Other notes regarding circumstances:
She has gone missing in the past, and she may have left on her own accord. She may have been homeless at the time of her disappearance, and her family grew concerned when she had not made contact with them after an unusual amount of time.

Living situation at the time of disappearance:
She may have been living a transient lifestyle.
Mode of transportation at the time of disappearance:
She frequented public transportation.

Other factors, fine details, and keywords:
Danna informed her family before she went missing that she was headed to Mexico to “see family there”; however, her family members state that she does not have any family members in Mexico. There is a chance that Danna was suffering from a disoriented mental status at the time of her disappearance. She also commonly told people that she was a Sargent in the Marines, even though she never was.

Status of missing persons report:
A missing persons report was attempted, but it is not filed internally at any police department at this time.
Police department handling this missing person’s case:

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