Hummelstown father, Glenn Lavare Bland, hasn’t been heard from since July 13, 2022.

Update, January 11, 2023: Glenn Lavare Bland has been located safe.

Forty-four-year-old recruiting executive Glenn Lavare Bland, also known as Lavare Bland, and “Munch”, went missing on July 13, 2022 from Hummelstown, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.

At the time of Bland’s disappearance, he had been driving a 2022 black Dodge pickup truck with Pennsylvania license plate number ZTV 8466.

Because Bland is a private person who does not commonly share to social media, his family is extremely concerned for his well-being. They believe that he would have never purposely disappeared, as he would not have wanted his information public through a public search or media blitzes.  He had regularly made contact with his family members, especially his sister, prior to his disappearance.

Bland can be described as a 5’10”-5’11” African American male with brown eyes.

Born on March 13, 1978, Bland grew up in New Jersey, where he went on to study pre-med and psychology. After his studies, he became very successful in his recruiting career. He went on to work in New York City.  He eventually went on to found and operate Walker Axel & Associates, where he was working at the time of his disappearance.

Bland’s cell phone was in service and in his possession on the date of his disappearance; however, by the next day, his phone seemed to have been powered down or out of service. His sister states that there has also been no activity on his bank account since July 13, 2022.

If you have seen this man or his truck, please contact the Hummelstown Police Department at 717-566-2555.  You may also contact Shuanda Bland via Facebook at She has been circulating his missing person flyer and his story in hopes that clues will come forth from the public. 


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