Virginia Eileen “Chick” Brown-McDermott went missing in the 1950s, but there is little awareness on her disappearance.

Virginia Eileen / Eilean “Chick” (Brown) McDermott, who also goes by Eileen Virginia Brown / McDermott, went missing sometime in the 1950s in San Francisco, California, but her case slipped under the radar for all these years.  I would like to bring awareness to this cold, underrepresented unrepresented, and unreported case.

I learned of McDermott’s case from an forum to which one of her family members posted and asked if anyone had seen or heard from her. I reached out to that family member as well as another family member who had been following her case.

It is unclear whether or not McDermott was ever reported missing.  Back in the 1950s, the missing person reporting system was much different.  Many of the older missing person cases have had to be re-entered into newer systems or have simply “slipped through the cracks”.

Born on October 1, 1924 to George Brown and Isabella Mollan, McDermott was raised in a large family in Southern California, with at least seven siblings.  She attended Los Angles City High School District for junior high school, and she received her high school diploma from Abraham Lincoln High School.  Eventually, she went on to wed Clarence McDermott and started a family of her own. It is speculated that she was divorced and living in San Francisco at the time of her disappearance, and she may have been using her maiden name, Brown. 

McDermott’s daughter was only 12 years old when she last saw her.  If McDermott is alive today in 2022, she would be 98 years old.

One of McDermott’s family members has stated that McDermott may have been living a transient lifestyle at the time of her disappearance.  Her timeline and state of affairs around the time of her disappearance are indeterminate.  I have been recreating her timeline piecemeal.

There is little evidence to suggest that McDermott deliberately abandoned her children.  It is unclear if she was struggling with misfortunes, started anew, encountered foul play, got lost and disoriented, suffered a mental break or mental illness, went to jail, succumbed to the elements, or if she suffered an accident, among other possibilities.  Because so many years have passed since her disappearance, the key pieces to the puzzle of this mystery are hazy.

I did locate some records for McDermott, but because her exact missing date is unknown, it is unclear if these records came before or after her disappearance. It is also unknown if she was missing from her entire family or if there was estrangement within certain family members and not others, or if she also had no contact with her friends.

Some records spell McDermott’s middle name as “Eileen”, and other records spell it as “Eilean”.

If anyone has any clues to McDermott’s whereabouts or to what may have happened to her, please comment on this article or contact me via the following link:  At this time, this case remains unreported in the NamUs database, and there is no law enforcement agency handling her case. I have included some photos of McDermott below her disappearance, below:

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