Maureen D. Baskerville Hall

Maureen D. (Baskerville) Hall, missing since 2002 from New York City, NY

Update: SOLVED!
I was able to locate missing person Maureen Hall yesterday (October 31, 2022). No one in her family had heard from her in 20 years. She was working as a nurse at a nursing home in 2002 when she formed a relationship with one of her patients who urged her to move to NY with him. When she arrived to NY, she called her family and asked them to send her a lot money, which was out of her character. She had never been arrested or had drug charges, but her family suspected maybe the man brought her into troubles. Less than a month later, she ended up at a domestic violence shelter. The family was not allowed to contact her there or to get any info on her status. The trace went fully cold in 2002 when it was believed something bad happened to her, as she had never gone longer than a few days without contacting her family. Her adult children looked for her all these years. I ended up finding her in the state of Washington.
Maureen Denise Baskerville Hall went missing in or around 2002 in New York, after leaving North Carolina in pursuit of a false dream she was sold. She currently has no missing persons report.

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