Have You Seen This Homeless Man in Phoenix? His Family is Desperate For Answers to His Whereabouts.

Michael Joseph Fitzpatrick, also known as “Fitz” or “Victor Rivera”, 47, went missing on July 15, 2022. His last known whereabouts is the Phoenix / Glendale area in Arizona. 

Born in 1975, Fitzpatrick grew up in Massachusetts and has ties to Los Angeles, California; Virginia Beach, Virginia; and Flagstaff, Arizona. He loves art, drawing, UFC, MMA, basketball, and politics.

Fitzpatrick can be described as a Caucasian male who has brown eyes and dark brown hair, possibly dreaded. He may also have facial hair. 

Fitzpatrick’s family would desperately like to know if he is okay.  If you have seen him since July 2022, or know any of the places in which he may frequent, please send a tip through my website at www.undergroundmysteries.com/contact. Currently, there is no official police report on his disappearance.

Fitzpatrick’s family members
Soft White Underbelly: https://www.facebook.com/SoftWhiteUnderbellyOfficial
Fitzpatrick’s Facebook pages (4)
US Public Records
True People Search
White Pages

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