Have You Seen This Man Walking Around Philadelphia, PA? His Family Is Trying To Help Him.

Update in July 2023: Robert Riley has been located safe. He was located sometime after writing this article, but due to his nomadic nature, he became missing again when his family had not heard from him. He has now had contact with his family again, and he is being helped. Thank you for all who helped for the second time he went missing. I hope this can be prevented from happening again, but unfortunately, this is a common course of homelessness.

Robert Michael Riley, Junior, also known as “Bert” or “Robbie”, 35, was last seen in Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania on August 30, 2022 after leaving the Chestnut Hill Hospital by foot. There is a high probability that he is currently in either Pennsylvania or New Jersey, and his family is desperately trying to contact him to ensure that he is safe. They also want to get him help.  Riley typically only travels by foot and is not known to take public transportation often.

Although Riley tends to live a transient lifestyle, he usually contacts his family to let them know his current whereabouts. 

Riley can be described as a Caucasian male who is 5’10” tall and weighs about 120 pounds. He has bluish-green/hazel eyes and wavy, thick brown hair. His hairline is full in the front and not receding.  He most likely also has facial hair, consisting of a mustache and full beard.  He has no known tattoos or piercings.  His skin may appear tanned or possibly reddish from sunburn.

Unfortunately, Riley had neither his identification cards nor a cellular device in his possession at the time of his disappearance.

Riley was displaced from his residence a few weeks prior to his disappearance.  However, he still has not made contact with his family, and they are growing more concerned and would like to know his whereabouts.

If you have seen the man in the photos in this article, please comment below or contact info@doenaming.com. A police report was filed prior to him being found in Chestnut Hill, but he is still missing and endangered under dire circumstances, as he does not know how to feed himself, ask for help, or seek shelter.

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