Jonathan Charles Johnson is a Homeless Man With Schizophrenia Who is Missing Near Times Square in New York City, NY.

MOST RECENT UPDATE: Jonathan Charles Johnson has been located safe and is getting the help he needs.

Originally posted on April 27, 2022, but edited with updates on June 15, 2022 — Underground Mysteries:

Jonathan Charles Johnson, also known as “Jon”, is a homeless man who was last seen at the TKTS booth in Times Square in the North Midtown section of New York City, New York on June 8, 2022 around 3:30 PM. When he was last seen, he was in psychosis, suffering a psychiatric emergency. He is 34 years old.

Johnson suffers from schizophrenia and paranoia, which leads to him having delusions and disoriented thoughts.  He is a highly vulnerable and endangered missing person.  His family is terribly worried about his well-being and are hoping he is located so they can help him get the care he needs, including food, medical assistance, and shelter.

Update on June 15, 2022: When I first wrote this article, Johnson had previously gone missing in 2019 in Tennessee. At that time, it was believed he was in New York City or Washington, District of Columbia. Since then, there has been concrete proof that Johnson was staying in New York City, as he had interactions with police in October 2020 and was aforementioned subsequently located in the beginning of June 2022 in Times Square. Johnson’s sister, who resides in Michigan, came to New York City to pick him up and get him help. He has gone missing again, due to his disoriented mental status. Johnson’s sister is currently in New York City trying to search for him. She has been hanging up many flyers and spreading the word about his disappearance. She departs from New York City to go back to Michigan tomorrow, June 16, 2022. I helped her call many homeless shelters, homeless outreach centers, churches, and food distribution places for the homeless. I alerted the North precinct of Midtown of his disappearance and how he is in need of assistance. I created an interactive map, tagging locations of his sightings and shelters/ soup kitchens to which he may visit. This way his sister has been able to find the places as she has been walking.

It is likely that Johnson has been trying to contact his sister and trying to get help. He does not own a mobile device. Although public endeavors to assist the homeless are underfunded, locating Johnson will take one less homeless person off the streets and placed into the care of his family, which will help free up funds to help another homeless person.

Although Johnson has ties to St. Paul, Minnesota; Mohawk, West Virginia; and Milford, Wixom, and White Lake, all of Michigan, he has been living homeless and sometimes transient since he was about 19 years old.  He is a non-driver who relies on public transportation to travel far distances; however, he usually is known to walk to local areas by foot. Johnson’s sister says that he had distinct living patterns when he resided in New York City, prior to his disappearance.

Born on September 21, 1987, Johnson is described as a talented, religious, and musical person who loves to play guitar.  He is also known to preach religion to others. 

As for Johnson’s physical characteristics, he is Caucasian with brown hair and blue or green eyes.  He often has facial hair, including a mustache and/or beard.  He is of medium build.  His sister states that he did not have any tattoos as of the last time she saw him.

When Johnson was last seen, he was wearing denim blue jeans and a white t-shirt, and he had a crew cut hairstyle.

If you have any information on Johnson’s whereabouts, please contact his sister via email at  Because he is currently an unreported missing person, his case is not in NamUs (the national governmental database for missing people).  I have included him to my database that I keep for missing people, which includes unreported missing people.

Johnson’s sister is attempting to file a police report today with the North Midtown Precinct. I will update this article accordingly after that has been done. If you live or frequent the Times Square area, please be on the lookout for Johnson.


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