Sierra Sahara Thomas Went Missing In Atlantic City, NJ In 2002, And Her Family Is Still Seeking Answers

Sierra Sahara Thomas, also known as “Sweetie”, vanished suddenly on November 21, 2002, after her sister drove her to visit her daughter’s father near the 800 block of North Maryland Avenue in Atlantic City, Atlantic County, New Jersey.  She was just 19 years old at the time of her disappearance and had her whole life ahead of her.

Thomas told her sister that she would call her when she was ready to leave, but her sister never got the call.  Her sister reportedly stayed in the vicinity for over an hour, waiting for her call. 

Reportedly, Thomas’ boyfriend, whose name I will keep anonymous for his privacy, met up with Thomas on the day of her disappearance.  He has maintained that he does not know where she went after their encounter, and he has stated that she was accompanied by an adult male friend.  With only $33 in cash in her pocket at the time of her disappearance, Thomas may not have been able to travel far without help.

After Thomas failed to show up to her job at a popular hotel and casino, Caesars, at 2100 Pacific Avenue in Atlantic City, suspicious grew even further. Thomas was also enrolled in a course to obtain her high school diploma, which she also ceased to attend upon her disappearance.

When Thomas went missing, she was wearing blue sweatpants, a dark-colored shirt, a scarf, and a black Guess jacket.

If alive today, Thomas would be almost 39 years old.  She left behind children and a family that loves her and misses her dearly. It has now been almost twenty years since Thomas’ family and friends have seen or heard from her, and they are desperately seeking answers.

⚫Contact Information:
If you have any information on Thomas’ whereabouts, please contact the Atlantic City Police Department at 609-318-4450 and mention their case number 02-158598. Please ask for Detective Charles Stuart  ( or Detective Edward Riegel (  You may also contact the FBI ViCAP at 800-634-4097 or via e-mail at

I have created a missing person flyer for Thomas’ disappearance, located below.  If you could spare a moment to share her flyer, it will greatly help give her story more awareness.

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