Do You Recognize This Unidentified Once-Homeless Man Who May Be From Chicago?  He Has Been Nameless Since 2007.


Do you recognize the man in the above photo?  This man was found in critical condition in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois on February 26, 2007 after suffering a stroke. He received prompt medical attention at a hospital in Chicago; however, he was rendered brain damaged and disabled, and he cannot remember his name.  He is indefinitely reliant on state care and currently resides at a Chicago medical facility named Chicago Read Mental Health Center. The photo above was taken in 1999 while detained under a presumed alias, “Shannon Knight”. At the time of this photo, he was estimated to be about 24 years old.

Allegedly, this unidentified man used several aliases in his lifetime, and he was in custody on numerous occasions for crimes he had committed in the past.  One of his rumored aliases is “Shannon Night” or “Shannon Night”.  Another is “Shannon Hate”.  His street name is likely “Veno” or “Vena”.  It is also rumored that he could have gone by “Night” or “Sanane Night”.  There is a large possibility that he is from Chicago, Illinois, or a surrounding area, as he had been residing at the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter in Chicago at the time of his stroke.

This unidentified man is not said to be a threat to society, despite his previous criminal history, and he possesses a calm demeanor and respectful disposition.

When questioned about his life prior to his stroke, “Shannon” tries to dig in hopes memories will come to surface.  He recalls having a wife and son, but he cannot remember their names.  He has maintained that his date of birth is November 2, 3, or 21 of 1976.  If that is correct, he would have been 31 years old at the time of his stroke and 45 years old in present day (at the time this article was written).

Because “Shannon” was living homeless prior to him receiving medical care for his stroke, and because he did not have a mobile device in his possession, any existing family members may not have know his exact missing date.  They may even presume that he is still living homeless or on the streets.  They may not have had steady contact with him either, which could in turn have lead them to presume he went missing in the latter part of 2006 — or even earlier.  Oftentimes, when someone is homeless, he or she may not contact family often, due to experiencing hardships and not having much access to make phone calls. Back in 2007, pay phones were being phased out.  His family may have just presumed he became estranged and not have thought to report him missing.  Or, there is a chance he was reported missing. 

“Shannon’s” fingerprints had been matched to someone who was previously arrested in Chicago who went by Shannon Knight.  He was also booked under other aliases in preceding years.

Physical description: 
Standing at 5’7″ in height, “Shannon” weighs about 240 pounds in present day. He has black or dark brown hair and brown eyes.  His race is African American.  “Shannon” has distinguishing features, including the following:
⚫a tattoo on his left forearm of the name “VENO” or “VENA” in capital letters next to the Roman Numeral III (or it may be written as “VE III NA” or “VE III NO”);
⚫ a tattoo on right arm near the wrist of the Roman Numeral “III”, which he states is homemade;
⚫a scar on the left side of his forehead, which he states is from falling from a bus bench when he was a small child;
⚫a Keloid scar on his chest; and
⚫a mole near or on his left eyebrow.

I operate a forensic DNA identification company named Doe Naming, and I would gladly work on his case voluntarily if asked. I have taken on several living and deceased unidentified person cases and successfully identified them. It is unknown at this time if “Shannon” has taken a DNA test.  If he has not, it may be because he is ward of the state and his decisions may be made for him. Identifying him should not be a feat unless there are extenuating circumstances.  His family could be located with the help of a genealogist.

If you have any information on this unidentified man, please contact the Chicago Police Department at 312-745-4290 and ask for Detective Mark Skweres.

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