Medically-Fragile and Paralyzed Woman, Laura Piñon, Missing From Chula Vista, CA Since March 11, 2013 or 2014


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Laura Piñon is a severely physically disabled woman who vanished on March 11, 2013 or 2014 when she was 34 or 35 years old, respectively.  Her last known whereabouts is Chula Vista, San Diego County, California. Her exact missing date is unclear. Her mother believes she went missing in 2013, but other reports suggest she went missing in 2014.

I decided to write about this case, because there has been little public information on her disappearance.  Hopefully that will soon change with the circulation of this article.  I also wanted to share her story because she is highly endangered, considering the fact that she relies on  medication and a wheelchair for mobility.  She cannot survive without adequate medical care.

I performed extensive research on this case to find out the facts of Piñon’s life and to re-create her timeline.  Then, I reached out to her family members for more clues.  Her family member has stated that I was the first person to reach out to the family regarding her disappearance and that she does not believe an official search has ever taken place.

One of Piñon’s family members stated that Piñon was addicted to drugs at the time of her disappearance and was living semi-nomadically or possibly homeless at times.  She had served time in jail in 2013. After her release, she briefly stayed with a friend who was helping her in Chula Vista, California. Prior to her living in Chula Vista, she had resided with her girlfriend from 2011 to about 2013. There is a bit of a gray area in terms of where Piñon was last seen. The consensus seems to be that she most likely remained in California, due to clues that had surfaced after her disappearance. Please view the map below to see the places in which Piñon had been associated in her past. The red markers are her tagged locations.

Around the time that Piñon vanished, she contacted her mother from a 7-11 convenience store. She asked her mother to call her roommate at the time to see if she could give her a ride home. Piñon’s mother was unable to contact her roommate. Little did her mother know that this would be the last time that she would directly speak with her daughter.

In about August or September of 2015, Piñon’s mother received a phone call from a mobile device.  A man told her that he had Piñon.  Her mother could hear Piñon in the background saying, “I wanna speak to my baby”.  Her younger sibling, Paloma, was known as “the baby”.  Piñon spoke to Paloma briefly on the phone, but the regards of the conversation are unknown.  Piñon reportedly sounded confused with an unclear mental status that night.  The man who placed this call was eventually questioned by law enforcement, but he stated that he did not have contact with Piñon. There is a chance this man was not affiliated with Piñon but that he allowed her to use his mobile device.

Piñon was still collecting her social security benefits up until August or September of 2015.

Shortly after Piñon went missing, law enforcement gathered some of her belongings that were left behind at the place in which she had been briefly staying. One of her possessions was a notebook. In this notebook, Piñon had written down some names of people and some other miscellaneous information. Piñon’s mother has tried to untangle the web to figure out anyone who may have had contact with her daughter prior to her disappearance. She has given me some of the information in this notebook, and we have been trying to reach people with whom she had contact or revisit old clues. So far, there has not been any information that has led to her whereabouts.

At the time of her disappearance, Piñon had a parole officer, with whom she has also not made contact since prior to her disappearance.

Piñon’s mother would often warn her about coming home before sunset, because she feared for her vulnerability of being an easy target, as she lacks physical defense. She states that Piñon used to call her on every holiday to assure her that she was safe, but when Piñon’s calls stopped, her mother knew she was in grave danger.

Piñon became disabled in 1997 after she was shot at several times on her back, injuring her spine and organs. She was rendered wheelchair-dependent.

Note: Laura Piñon has documents that show her name as both Laura Piñon and Laura Pinon (without the tilde above the letter “n”).

I have created a Facebook page aimed at helping in the search of Piñon, titled “Find Laura Pinon”.  I have been using #FindLauraPinon as her social media hashtag.

Contact information: If you have any information on Piñon’s whereabouts, please contact the Chula Vista Police Department at 619-691-5151, and please ask to speak with Detective Tonia Dunnebacke, CSO.  Please reference case number 1405490.

Laura Pinon’s Facebook page:
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