Darlene Polizzi Was Presumed to Have Been Murdered in Lodi, NJ in 1967, But She Has Never Been Located.

Darlene Polizzi, nee DeWolff, went missing at the age of nineteen on April 24, 1967.  Her husband, Leonard Polizzi, was the last person to see her after they returned to their residence at 472 Westminster Place in Lodi, Bergen County, New Jersey.  They had just gotten home from apartment shopping when Leonard Polizzi decided to go out, and Darlene Polizzi stayed behind.  He came home to find her not present in their home, and he noticed some of her items were also missing.  After several hours, he reported her missing.

Polizzi had been wearing a polka-dotted skirt, a brown suede jacket with fur lining, and a brown shirt on the day she was last seen.

The weather on the day of her disappearance was rather clear, yet brisk, at about 44 degrees Fahrenheit.  It surely is not the type of weather in which most people would take a leisurely stroll.  All signs had pointed to her being abducted.

At the time of her disappearance, Darlene worked as a waitress in Paramus, Bergen County, NJ at Hangar Restaurant. She also frequented Tommy’s Diner in Wallington, NJ. 

A prime suspect in this case is Polizzi’s neighbor who lived across the street, Raymond Alves, who worked with Leonard Polizzi at a sheet metal plant.  Alves’ wife, JoAnn, and Darlene Polizzi were friends.  The entire Alves family moved a day after Polizzi vanished.  Raymond Alves was later charged with raping and murdering a minor.  It is suspected that Alves killed many other people, mostly in the general vicinity in which Darlene resided.  Because Polizzi was still missing after Alves was linked to murders of other women, her case was not publicly linked to him immediately in the newspapers.  That changed, however, in years to come.

Polizzi was born on November 7, 1947.  She is Caucasian, about 5’3″ in height, with reddish-brown / auburn hair and brown eyes. She weighed about 100 pounds at the time of her disappearance, and she has a petite frame.

This missing person case has been taken very seriously by law enforcement since 1967 due to the nature of Polizzi’s disappearance.  A search for Polizzi took place with searching technology available at the time. Due to how much time has passed since her disappearance, time is of the essence for anyone to come forward with any clues they may have.

I have created an interactive, detailed map of every missing person in the state of New Jersey (as well as other areas). If you click this link, you will see the tagged location for Polizzi’s disappearance, and you can also look around at other people who went missing nearby that specific area.

If you have any information on this case, please contact Lt. Carmen Martino at the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office at 201-226-5653. 

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