(LOCATED) Sheyna Rochelle Garcia Zipnock, Unreported Missing Person, Missing Since 2020 in Phoenix, AZ


UPDATE: Sheyna Rochelle Garcia Zipnock has been located.

Sheyna Rochelle Garcia Zipnock is an unreported missing person who vanished sometime in the year 2020. The exact missing date is unknown.  I was suggested to write about this case from a concerned citizen, who states that Zipnock’s daughter has not been able to locate her since Zipnock was released from a jail in Phoenix, Arizona.

Zipnock, born on August 13, 1971, was last known to reside at 630 Emerald Trail in Prescott, Arizona.  She has ties to Warren, Niles, Mineral Ridge, and Leavittsburg, all of Ohio, as well as San Diego, California and Phoenix and Buckeye, both of Arizona.  She is described as having long blonde hair, green eyes, and a slim build.  Her race is Caucasian. 

Because Zipnock does not have other family members searching for her,  I am helping to circulate the story to see if anyone has seen her.  I am attempting to assist her daughter with filing a missing person report.

If you have seen Zipnock, please call the Phoenix Police Department at 602-262-6151.  Since the case may not be recognized by the Phoenix Police Department, please also email your tip to info@doenaming.com or you can click the chat button that should appear on this page, which connects through Facebook.  You could also visit www.undergroundmysteries.com/contact and leave your tip through the email system.  All tips will be forwarded to authorities.

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