Morris County, NJ Man John J. Aiello, Jr. Went Missing in 2013 Under Unusual and Mysterious Circumstances. Have You Seen Him?

Update: John J. Aiello, Jr. has been located safe.

I came across the case of John J. Aiello Jr. last year, and I had written a snippet of information to my missing persons map, but I wanted to write an article on his disappearance, since his case has been highly underrepresented.  As of right now, there are no found news articles or publications on his disappearance.  I did some digging online to find information about him personally to try to piece some information together, to give his story a more in-depth look, as well as to try to re-create his timeline and search for clues.  I also reached out to his family member for help with piecing together the information. 

John J. Aiello Jr. went missing sometime around November 6, 2013 when he was 34 years old.  He was last seen by his family in Riverdale, Morris County, New Jersey at his condominium, at 7403 Coventry Court.  Prior to his disappearance, his family member stated that he had been gradually becoming estranged from the family, but because they all figured someone was in contact with him at the time, they did not realize he had been missing until they all conversed about it and realized no one had talked to him in a while. His parents immediately reported him missing once they realized no one in the family had heard from him in a while.  His estrangement could have been due to him being busy, or perhaps he got caught up with something or developed a health concern, among many other possibilities. It is unlikely that he would have deliberately ceased contact with his family, as no fight, confrontation, or family problem took place.

Aiello’s family has searched for him, to no avail.  They went to his old place of employment, a company in which he owned, to find it was no longer in operation.  They went to his condo, to find that he no longer resided there. 

Born on May 10, 1979, Aiello grew up in North Jersey.  Aiello has ties to Orlando, Florida and possibly Tempe, Arizona.  Could he have traveled down South? If so, it is unlikely he would not told his family his plans and left in the manner he did, with not setting loose ends with his condo and employment. As of 2013, he had no medical ailments that were known to his family. His family was not aware of any significant life obstacles that he may have had at the time of his disappearance.

If Aiello started anew, there would likely be some sort of paper trail, unless he changed his name. Because there is no known motive as for why he would have done that, his family believes that something bad may have happened to him.

Aiello is about 6’1″ tall and weighs about 220 pounds.  He is Caucasian with brown hair and brown eyes.  He did not have any tattoos as of November of 2013.

As for him being potentially matched with unidentified remains, his mother’s DNA is in the CODIS system. 

If you have any clues to Aiello’s disappearance, please contact the Riverdale Police Department at 973-835-0044. Please ask for Detective Christopher Biro, or you can call him directly at 973-835-0485.  Please mention case number 14-3461.

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