Help This Man to Find his Birth Father, Jack Nagaro / Nacaro / Nogaro / Nocaro / Nacara / Nacarro / Nicaro / Nagara / Nucaro / Naccaro / Navaro / Navarro from Indonesia or Australia! (First name could be John.)

UPDATE: Andry Tulius has found his father, thanks to his friend he met who helped him to track him down! Unfortunately, Andry informed me that his father passed away in 2017. However, he learned he has siblings and hopes to be a part of their lives.

Please help this man to find his birth father!

Andry Yulius is an Indonesian citizen whose father is from Australia but had worked in Indonesia, where he met Andry’s mother. Andry was placed for adoption on January 22, 1980 in Indonesia. His birth mother, Iby Ety, has passed away. His birth father’s name is rumored to be Jack Nacaro or Jack Nagaro or Jack Nagarro. The name may be spelled a different variation of the names I have provided. Andry has connected with old colleagues and friends of his father’s. Jack was working in Indonesia at Caltex Pacific Indonesia at the Mangala Junction branch in 1979. Jack would be 102 if alive today. Although he may be deceased, Andry would love to learn about his father and to find any cousins, siblings, or aunts and uncles. If you know or knew John/Jack, please email his son Andry at

Because Jack is a known nickname for John, there’s a chance his name could be John. Also, he could have changed his name if he moved out of country. Jack may have just been the name he used in Australia. It is uncertain where he was born.

Andry used to meet with a man named Bill Morris, presumably William Morris, who worked in Indonesia but was from either the USA or Australia or another English speaking country.

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