*Located Deceased* Marquita C. Mull is a Vulnerable Disabled Woman Who Went Missing In June, 2021 and Could Be in Danger. Please Help in the Search!

UNDERGROUND MYSTERIES - September 29, 2021

Update: Marquita Mull has been located deceased.

Marquita C. Mull went missing from Buffalo, Erie County, New York in June of 2021.  She is an endangered adult due to not only the fact that she suffers physical and mental illness but also because of the circumstances behind her disappearance.  Her supports are highly concerned for her well-being.  Her residence on Gorski Street has been vacant since her disappearance.  She is known to frequent the Buffalo Galleria Mall, where she was last seen by her sister, Wendy. 

Several others have stated that they saw Mull, but there have been no reported sightings since about June.  One person said Mull was seen with a woman named Mary and a man named Chicago, who may have one arm.  It is also believed she was also seen on Broadway and Bailey Street in Buffalo around the time of her disappearance.  Another person claimed to have seen her at the Greyhound station with a bald Caucasian male who had a white truck.  One of her friends from Angola, a suburb within Buffalo, has stated she believes she saw Mull around May or June wearing a white hat and a dirty dress, and using the alias “Kish” or “Keish”.

Detective Walter Hrynczak at the Buffalo Police Department, along with Wendy and WNY Missing and Unidentified Persons Network, a popular missing person company and Facebook group for West NY, have been working extensively to share her story and search for clues leading to her whereabouts.  They have circulated her fliers, contacted many people with whom she had interacted, and so forth.  Hopefully this article can bring this case media attention so that people can be on the lookout for her. 

The founder of WNY Missing and Unidentified Persons Network facilitated a search team to help search for Mull.  Upon the search, in which Wendy and other community members partook, a brochure for PATH (People Against Trafficking Humans) was found on Mull’s door.  It is presumed Mull was attending PATH meetings around the time of her disappearance.  It is unknown why Mull did not return to her residence, which was paid for by a community service program for which she also worked.  Naturally, one would not want to be homeless or leave their belongings behind; therefore, this leaves room to ponder if she was trafficked or possibly became disoriented and could not find her way home.  She has a history of becoming severely disoriented to such a degree that she reverts to a childlike state.

Mull suffered lasting injuries from a pedestrian accident about ten years ago, which rendered her physically disabled and continues to trigger her frequent disorientation episodes.  From the accident, she had endured an agonizing three-month coma, swelling on her brain, neurological issues, broken ribs, and, most importantly, a traumatic brain injury (TBI). 

Mull is reliant on an anticonvulsive medication, which has not been picked up from her  pharmacy in over one month.  Without her medication, her health could deteriorate. Mull also suffers from severe bouts of depression.

The reason I point out her physical and mental disabilities is because people who go missing who have either a physical or mental disability are more vulnerable than the average population and are at a far higher risk of encountering foul play, succumbing to the elements, being taken advantage of, becoming lost and/or disoriented, or suffering further health issues from lack of medication.  At the disadvantage of her circumstances, it is not safe for her to be without her medication and safe shelter. She is considered a high-risk missing adult for these factors, and time is of the essence in her search.

The last time Wendy saw Mull was when she ran into her at the Walden Galleria Mall at 1 Walden Galleria in Buffalo, as she was panhandling, around March of 2021.  Wendy was happy to see her sister, and she took care of her by purchasing her some clothes, food, and a manicure from the mall.  Although a dispute did occur between the two, [Marquita] Mull knew she could still contact her when in need. 

Wendy stated that it is highly unusual for her sister to have not contacted her since June.  She also stated that Mull frequently kept in touch with their father.  The last time [Marquita] Mull contacted her father was Father’s Day, on June 20, 2021.  She has never gone this long without contacting her father.  That is one of the major red flags in this case. She also has children, with whom she has not initiated contact since June or prior.

Wendy contacted news stations in hopes to gain coverage on Mull’s disappearance.  Social workers also helped physically search for Mull, but she has not been seen.  It is likely that Mull is somewhere in the Buffalo area or possibly Niagara Falls, where she used to reside.

Born on February 11, 1971 in New York City, NY, Mull is currently 50 years old. She  grew up in Buffalo, NY, where she attended Bennett High School and eventually went on to work and have children.

Physical description:  Mull has a bright red birthmark near her left eye and sometimes wears eyeglasses.  She has black hair and brown eyes. Her height is about 5’4″, and her weight is about 125 to 140 pounds.  She is a light-skinned African American.

Mull has created several Facebook pages throughout the past several years.  Her last known page was created in January of 2021, and her last public Facebook post was in February of 2021. 

If you have any information on this case, please call Detective Walter Hrynczak at the Buffalo Police Department at 716-851-4074 and mention case number 211990413.  You may also email tips to wnymissingandunidentified40@yahoo.com.

Marquita Mull’s sister
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