Kozy Cole Pena Went Missing in Ingleside, TX in January of 2021 . Have you seen him?

Update on May 18, 2022: Kozy Cole Pena has tragically passed away on April 14, 2022. May he rest in peace.

Update on March 17, 2022: Kozy Cole Pena has been located safe.

Kozy Cole Pena, also known as “Koz”, has been missing since about January of 2021. He was last seen at Simmons Park in Ingleside, a town that sits on the bay of the Gulf of Mexico in Southeast Texas and is only a couple hours North of Mexico.

Kozy is perpetually homeless and would usually sleep behind Simmons Park in the woods; however, he has not been located near the park since January, 2021. He is also known to frequent the food chains Whataburger, Subway, and Stripes, all of Ingleside.

Hitchhiking is Kozy’s primary mode of transportation. It is uncertain if he hitchhiked a ride to another area.

Kozy is an endangered missing person, not only because of his dangerous lifestyle of sleeping outdoors in the elements, but also because he has a mental condition, schizophrenia, that is currently not being treated. Without his medication, he is known to suffer delusions and hallucinations. Adding to his state of vulnerability is the fact that, as of January, he had no identification, money, or a cell phone in his possession.

Although Kozy still has his last name listed on his social media accounts as “Pena”, his family member has stated that he does not answer to that last name, and that he does not identify as his born race, which is mostly Native American. He has a small percentage of German ancestry, and due to his altered state of mind, he believes his father lives in Germany. He had talked about traveling to Germany to find him, but it would prove difficult to obtain a passport without having funds or identification. In reality, his father lives in Ingleside. There is reason to believe he may go by the last name Markowitz.

Born on August 31, 1986, Kozy grew up in Ingleside and attended Ingleside High School. He is a talented painter. He has a daughter who misses him dearly.

Physical description / identifying characteristics:
● Race: 3/4 Hispanic, 1/4 Caucasian
● Height: 5’9″
● Weight: 180 pounds
● Black hair
● Brown hair
● Walks with a limp and has a plate in his left hip
● Tattoos: He had a Nazi symbol on one of his forearms. He also has amateur-drawn tattoo (photo below) of a face with a smile and a tongue sticking out to the right, with letters above that likely read “IB TRIPPIN” or “TRIPPIN”, among other possibilities, which I will tag in this article. He possibly has other unknown tattoos.

Interview with two of his family members
True people search
TX public records
Google Maps
Kozy’s Facebook

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  1. Kosygin has passed away with his family by his side in Alvin Tx. His Service was held 4-23-22

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