Lake Xavier Stoddard, Missing From Colorado Since October, 2020

Lake Xavier Stoddard is a nomad who went missing in October of 2020 while he was backpacking in Colorado. When his family last heard from him, he was in the city of Denver. There has been a reported sighting of him in Denver in early August of 2021, but it has not been confirmed.

Born May 28, 1997, Lake is originally from Weston Missouri. He attended Platt County High School.

Physical description: Lake is about 5’6″ and 130 pounds. He has at least two known tattoos, one of which is a triangle on his nose. The other tattoo is an unknown design on his left inner arm. His hair color is a dirty blonde or light brown mix, with some shades of auburn or strawberry blonde. He usually keeps his hair length past his ears. In most of his photos, he has a beard and mustache. His eyes are of a bright, crystal blue color which may also appear gray or have a hazel / green tint.

Lake originally went missing with his dog, Courage, but his concerned friend states that he did not have the dog the last time he heard from him.

In one of his photos, Lake is seen next to a guitar. It is uncertain if this guitar belongs to him and if he is still in the possession of a guitar.

Keeping in touch with his family is something that has always been important to Lake. He may have gone brief periods of time in the past without contact, but he has never went this long without contact before. As a result, his family is concerned with his wellbeing and wants to make sure he is safe. It is out of character for him to cut ties and start anew. He has been an endangered adult since he started traveling, because he oftentimes sleeps outside and has been dealing with some other personal struggles. When he left home to travel, he was not estranged from his family, and he always checked in when he could.

Those who live nomadically are more susceptible to injury, sickness, and foul play. Many who live this lifestyle do not have access to a phone and often lose their identification cards.

If you have seen Lake, please call the Denver Police Department at 720-913-2000.

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