Justice Sought for 15-Year-Old Jazzlyn Robison Who Was Killed in June, 2020

A mother’s desperate plea for her murdered daughter to receive news attention has been storming the web.

Shavonda Morens tearfully expressed in a live Facebook video how she needs others to know her daughter, Jazzlyn Robison, matters. She said that when her daughter was killed on June 5, 2020, the was no news coverage on her case. She is tormented by the fact her daughter did not make headlines. She is now desperately trying to get her daughter’s story in the media.

Shavonda stated that Jazzlyn, who was just 15, was at home with her two uncles and two friends at her Chicago residence and that someone shot her in the head. Shavonda was not at home at the time of the incident. No one has come forward to take responsibility for Jazzlyn’s death. Shavonda believes that her brother (Jazzlyn’s uncle) left his gun unattended in the house and that someone was playing around with it. Jazzlyn was allegedly in her bedroom with two friends at the time of the incident.

Her mother stated, “Jazzlyn was a great kid”. She went on to talk about her daughter’s success with academics and how she held an astounding 4.0 GPA. Heartbreakingly, she stated, “I need the world to care about her, because when she was here, she cared about the world… she cared about everybody.”

Please share the movement, #JusticeForJazzlyn by sharing this story. Jazzlyn deserves justice, and her family deserves an investigation and answers as to what happened the day she was killed.


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