Anthony Alexander Metzgar, aka “Tony” or “Toe”, Missing Since December 24, 2019 (Possibly in 2020)

Anthony Alexander Metzgar, aka “Tony” or “Toe”, went missing on or around December 24, 2019, when he was 27 years old. He was homeless at the time of his disappearance in Reno, Nevada. His family thinks he may currently be in Reno or Sparks, NV or surrounding areas. They think there is also a chance he could be in Modesto, CA. (It is suspected he was given a ticket in Modesto on August 17, 2020 for being in a park after it closed. There is no proof that this ticket went to Anthony or if a fake name was given to authorities.)

It is out of Anthony’s character to go this long without contacting his family. Also, because he is homeless, he is considered an endangered adult, which means he is more prone to hardship, health issues, lack of care, foul play, and so forth. His family also believes he may be suffering from a mental illness. If he is alive, time is of the essence to ensure he is safe and to bring him home to his family.

Physical description: Male, Caucasian, 5’10”, brown hair, brown eyes, with two missing front teeth, a small scar on his septum (from an orbital fracture and facial surgery), and a plastic orbital plate under his left eye.

DOB: October, 1992 (exact date unknown)

Anthony’s family is asking that if you have seen him, to please contact them at 775-682-1353 or 775-323-5056. They are all desperately worried over him, and they are hoping for his safe return home.

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