Travis Wayne Allen, Missing Since About 2005 or 2006

Update: After an extensive search, I was personally able to find Travis Wayne Allen alive, living off the grid, about 9 months ago. I found concrete proof he is fine. I am just updating those who had read about this case.

Travis Wayne Allen went missing around the year 2005 when he was about 38 years old. He is currently an unreported missing person (he was never reported missing to authorities).  Born on August 4, 1967 in Wetumpka, Alabama, he resided in Eclectic, AL for most of his childhood, along with his family.  After he attended Elmore County High School, he moved to Arizona with his family. (His father had a job that required traveling.) Travis eventually moved out on his own and became a bit of a nomad; he had an intense passion for traveling. He loved to see the world. He lived in various places in the USA, including Phoenix, AZ; Alaska; San Francisco, CA; and, his last known whereabouts, Brooklyn, NY.

Moving to Brooklyn was something that Travis had always talked about with his family.  He just loved the atmosphere.  However, they also have stated that he does not do well in the cold.  Perhaps he may have traveled back down south to stay warm. I also recently came across a clue that Travis may have lived in New Orleans, LA and that he may have moved back to Phoenix, AZ. Travis’ siblings went to Phoenix and knocked on the door of one of the residents he was listed as living, but no one was home or came to the door.

Travis’ sister took a photo of him the day before he went to Brooklyn.  Travis’ oldest brother, William, took him to the Montgomery bus station one day in 2005.  The exact date is uncertain, but Travis’ sister believes it was after Halloween in 2005.  Travis reportedly made it to Brooklyn and checked in with his family to assure he was safe.  However, after a couple of months of him being there, his family did not hear from him.  There  was no family dispute and no logical reason for the sudden estrangement.   There was never a missing person report filed for Travis.

Travis’ parents are still alive.  His father will be 77 soon, and his mother will be 73.  His mother has since remarried.  She considers Travis deceased, because she thinks that he would have contacted her by now if he were still alive. 

William, Travis’ oldest brother, went to Brooklyn to try to find him, to no avail. 

Travis had never been married and he did not have any children as of the last time his family heard from him.

Although Travis is described by his family as being a social person who helps out anyone, he tends to keep to himself unless needed.  He is also a “computer whiz” who loves the Internet. He never used drugs or drank alcohol.

At the time of Travis’ disappearance, he did not have a vehicle.  He did, however, have a driver’s license.   He is also on SSI due to being disabled. His family is not certain what his disability is, as it was never discussed.

Physical description:  Travis walks with a limp.  He has a small tattoo of a cross between his hand and elbow on one of his arms (which arm is uncertain).  The tattoo was done with Indian ink.  He is on the tall side, around 6′.  His exact height is unknown, but we could estimate he may be anywhere from 5’10” to 6’2″.  He was typically average weight.  He tends to keep his head shaved, but his hair is naturally dark blonde.  He has blue eyes.  He wears contacts or glasses.  He was also known to wear colored contacts, so he may be seen with brown, grey, hazel, green, blue, or another color eyes.

Travis does not have a missing person’s report filed on his behalf.  Therefore, there is no governmental contact info to share.  I have urged the family to file a missing person’s report, though. If you have any information on his whereabouts, please contact below, as I will send any information that arrives through the website portal to his family.  Also, you can contact if you prefer to send an email.


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