James Patrick Neville, Jr, Missing Since Around 2000 In Las Vegas, NV

James Patrick Neville, Jr, who also goes by “Jim”, was never formally reported missing by his family. He’s also not in NamUs as of January 30, 2021. Now, by the time you’re reading this, maybe he will have a missing person report. James could be a deceased John Doe (unidentified man). Jim has been missing since about 2000, and his family wants to find him. If Jim is alive today, he would be about 66 years old today. He was 45 when he vanished. I created his family tree. Jim was last seen in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Through research, I found that James was born on January 23, 1955 in Coal Grove, Lawrence County, Ohio. He has an older brother and a younger sister. I found his yearbook photos; he attended Dawson-Bryant High school, where he was on the football team. Records indicate that he joined the military after high school.

He is possibly a disabled veteran, as his sister states that he walks with a limp. The last time his family heard from him, he was living in Las Vegas, NV. His sister believes it was around the year 2000. Since we don’t know the exact missing date, I’ll leave this missing date broad, from anywhere from 1998 to 2002 (so plus or minus two years).

Please comment below if you are Law Enforcement trying to identify a John Doe and need more info. I’ll give you the info privately.




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