Veteran John Joseph Nicolazzi, Missing Since About 1989, Possibly the 1990’s

John Joseph Nicolazzi went missing at some point in the late 1980’s or the 1990’s. The exact year he went missing is unknown. John was born sometime around 1946 in Hackensack, NJ or NYC, NY.  He was possibly mentally unwell and homeless (living out of his car in Brooklyn, NYC, NY) when he vanished.  He stopped visiting his daughter, who was a baby at the time, in 1989. His baby went to live with his cousin Nettie briefly until she was adopted by another family. Nettie supposedly never heard from John again. One of his relatives stated that he may have heard from John in 1990’s, but the memory was vague and uncertain.  As for a paper trail, I have not been able to find any information on John after 1989. 

Here is a timeline of events in John’s life, for anyone who is actively helping search for him, or for anyone who thinks they may have encountered him:

1946: John was born in Hackensack, NJ or NYC, NY to Amedio (“John”) Nicolazzi and Domenica (Cenci) Nicolazzi. John was rumored to have lived a very hard life as a child and endured abuse by his father. He lived with his parents until about 1969.
1964 / 1965: John finished school at Bergen County Technical Vocational School. (I am going to be circulating this article to his alumni groups.)
1969: He married Elsa Banola on October 5, 1969. A large fight broke out at the wedding, which may have led to him resenting some family members. At the time of his marriage, he was working at Sandy’s and was in the National Guard. I am not certain what day he joined the National Guard.
1975: John may have been living at 729 Maywood Ave in Maywood, NJ. I found that information in this news article. I checked online records parcels for Bergen County, and John has several parcel records for the mid-1970’s.
1976: On October 27, 1976, John was summoned in a civil action in the Superior Court of NJ. Here is a news article stating that Elsa was filing for divorce and/or possibly suing for property ownership.
1980: John had a girlfriend named Linda Rosemond. Linda was African American, and, according to several of his family members, there was racist judgement being placed upon John. He may have become bitter due to this factor, but that is just speculation. John and Linda were rumored to have been living together in Brooklyn, New York City, NY. John had a child with Linda in 1980 who was born in Brooklyn. It is unclear whether or not John was able to visit the baby in the beginning. This baby ended up being adopted (while she was a baby). It is suspected that John lost contact with Linda soon after their daughter was born. (The search for John was instigated by a DNA test that his daughter took; she had never known her father or even what his name is. I helped her find out who her father is by using DNA. (I’m a genealogist.) I am her blood cousin, and my father is John’s second cousin by blood. My father does not know John, because the DNA link is through my grandmother’s mother, who was an abandoned baby.)
1981: John’s mother, Domenica (Cenci) Nicolazzi passed away in 1981. John supposedly ceased contact with his father around this time.
1987: John had been living with another woman (his girlfriend) in Bronx, NYC, NY at this time. John’s girlfriend’s name was rumored to be Sarah Walker, who was born around 1965. “Sarah” had a baby with John. (A DNA test also confirmed this to be true, as I had another DNA match recently who I helped find her biological father. Once I had her upload her DNA to another ancestry site, it was clear she was a half-sister match to John’s previous daughter born in 1980.) These sisters share the same father but have different mothers. Sarah’s daughter was adopted as a baby as well. (John’s relatives state that they remember this baby being born, and that he would visit her every weekend. He apparently would cry at visits. It is said that the baby went to live with John’s cousin, Nettie (now deceased). The baby was then placed into foster care and was adopted shortly after. Sarah did not contact the agency that fostered their baby for visitation inquiries; her last contact was 1987. Supposedly, this child had two brothers, but it’s unclear if they were Sarah’s or John’s biological children. An adoption record stated that the brothers went to live with their paternal grandparents. I found out from a family member that that may have been a misprint in the state document. I am inclined to believe these brothers are children of Sarah, and that John is not their father.
1989: John was working at a welfare hotel sometime during this year. John went to his sister’s house to visit and was offered food, shelter, and clothing, but only under the condition that he was not allowed to bring his two large dogs, which were German Shepherds, as his sister already had a large dog there (a Doberman). John did not agree to this condition, so he did not stay. He did not want to abandon his dogs. It is uncertain what happened to his two dogs after that. John was rumored to have went to live in his car in the parking lot of a homeless shelter. He was said to be paranoid.
John was rumored to have been arrested in 1989.
2002: John’s father passed away, having not heard from John or having no idea of his whereabouts for many years.
2014: Elsa, John’s ex-wife, passed away.

John had dark brown hair. His eye color is unknown, but they appear to be brown in his high school photo. That is the only photo I could find of him. His family could not locate any other photos of him. His height and weight are unknown.

If you have any information on John’s whereabouts, please contact below, or you can call your local authorities and reference this post so they know who you are referring to. John is not filed as a missing person. He is known as an “unreported missing person.” I have already tried numerous times to report him missing.

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