Jean Corbeil – Missing Since May 25, 1977 in Montreal, Canada

I have been looking into Jean Corbeil (missing since May 25, 1977) as being a possible match for John Doe Delafield (found deceased on September 14, 1977) for quite a few years.  Several months ago, I told JD Delafield’s Medical Examiner as well as Canada’s missing person detective about the possible link.   I got an email back stating DNA will be compared to see if there is a match.  Shortly after, I was told that the DNA was compared, but it was not a match. So then where is Jean Corbeil?  I checked online, and I saw that Jean Corbeil’s entry in their system was updated 3 days ago with a memo asking the public to share his info!   That is why I’m making this post.  So I’m helping to spread the word by asking you guys to please share Jean Corbeil’s story.  Even if he is not John Doe Delafield, he has been missing since ’77, and his case didn’t really reach many of the missing people websites yet.   I plan on contacting the missing person website owners and getting his case more public.

Anyway, please share the following:

Jean Corbeil went missing at the age of 21 on May 25, 1977 from Montreal, Canada.  He had (or has) brown hair and brown eyes and was rather tall (about 6’2″).   There are not many details available in his case online.

The most important part to share is the contact info as to who you can reach in case you have seen him or know what may have happened to him:

telephone 514 393-1133

Or you can contact someone using the online form here.

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  1. Wasnt there a young man found in the upper peninsula of Michigan fitting this description with canadian money in his pocket?I believe hes listed as a john doe.

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