*SOLVED* Tina Marie (Mckenney) Farmer- Missing Since the 1980’s

Tina Marie (Mckenney) Farmer went missing around 1984-1989 or so from Marion County, Indiana around the age of 20. She had been married to Richard Farmer, who is now deceased. If she were alive today, she would be about 53 years old.

DOB: March 8, 1964

Hair: Red
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 120 lbs
Other features: Missing front tooth. May wear a retainer.
Circumstances: Apparently when Tina married Richard in 1984, she became estranged from the rest of her family.  There was a rumor that a truck driver in IN took Tina to KY.  Tina’s sister last heard from her in 1984.


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    1. I’m so sorry for it having taken so long to notice your comment on this page. I first made this page in 2017, and at the time I did not even realize the comments had to be approved by me and that they would not just automatically show up. Today I’m logging in and getting back to everyone! To fix that for the future, I have now included my email on my page profile: info@doenaming.org. You can contact me anytime at that email if I can be of any assistance with any other case. I have a lot of other entries to upload to this site (unreported cases– cases that I always encourage family to report if I can reach the family). I did see that Tina was found deceased.

  1. To the moderator of this site, please contact me ASAP in reference to this case. I am a law enforcement investigator. Thank you.

    1. Hello Brandon, I am so sorry that I’m seeing your comment very late. Is there any way you can contact me? I did hear that she was identified. I had no idea that anyone had been leaving comments on my “one-off” page that I started in 2017! I have kind of just made this site to consolidate the unreported cases into one place, kind of like a “hub”. I feel very bad now that I did not think anyone would actually find this page to come in handy. Now that I am aware, and I’m seeing a bunch of old comments on other posts, I’m getting back to everyone and I’m actually going to be expanding the site. Do you have any contact info or email? I will be checking this page regularly now, but the meantime, please contact me at info@doenaming.org, as I get that email sent straight to my phone and pop systems. Also, would love to talk about any other people I have unreported. I have a bunch of people that I have in a personal database that I’ve collected through posts over the years– many of which aren’t even searchable on Google because they’re in private groups, private forums, and so forth. I am now in the process of entering more of these cases. 🙂

      1. Great to hear from you! I would love to talk about how your website assisted in our case!!

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