Joey Collum- Missing since about 1990

“This is Joey Collum **Missing** 27 years
Missing since 1990 (his mother never received a call on Oct 19,1990 which was her birthday she then knew something was wrong). It has been 27 years and his family still has no answers.”

Joey may have disappeared anywhere from January through October of 1990. October 19 was was simply the day that his mother got worried, but he had not been heard from for a bit previously. He had always checked home on all birthdays and for all holidays.

“His Mother then called all Hospitals, Police Stations, and jails both in New Orleans and towns near by to report he was missing.
Nothing ever came of this, his mother NEVER heard a word back.
Birthday 12/28/1961
White Male
Brown eyes
Last known Location was New Orleans, Louisiana.
Last known to be in Louisiana with a girl named Shirley or Cindy (not 100% )last name is still unknown currently.”

Joey’s family member stated that he may have been caught up in buying and/or selling drugs.

joey collum

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