Missing Since 2001 from El Salvador- Unknown Name

I found this post online, which does not mention the person’s name. I tried to reach the author of the post, to no avail. I am reposting this to make it easier for websleuths and detectives to search, as I am using extensive tagging to make this more searchable online.

“Hi,Am looking for my brother. He’s been missing for years. My fam & I haven’t heard from him since 2001 or before. I’ve contacted primer impacto, unfortunatly they can’t help me much in regards to his whereabouts. If anyone has the number the the morgue, salvadorean consulate or both please find it in your heart to provide me with those numbers. Their isn’t really much I can do since my family members residing in El Salvador will not contact me when I have been trying to get the 411 from them. Thank you so much!! God bless you all.”
-Ana M Linares

(Original post is here: https://www.sitesworld.com/El_Salvador/)

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