Melinda “Kandie” Lorene Jackson Felder, Missing On or Around July 20, 2006 -OR- 2008, From SC or NY

March 19, 2021– Underground Mysteries

Melinda Lorraine Jackson Felder, often known by her loved ones as “Kandie”, went missing in the summer of 2007 in Conway, Horry County, South Carolina, after leaving to walk to her friend’s house. She said she would return from the walk, but she never made it home.   The exact date she went missing is not certain, but her family believes it may have been in July of 2006, possibly July 20th.  An investigation was done when Kandie went missing that showed signs of her living in Brooklyn, NY.  It is unclear if she actually lived there or if someone was using her name and/or social security number.  Kandie was known to leave home for a few months at a time, but she always came back home.  She never left for more than a few months.

Kandie now has five grandchildren that she never met.  Her kids are all worried sick over her and are seeking answers.  Both of Kandie’s parents have passed away since her disappearance. She had been separated from her husband for about eight years prior to 2006.

Born on March 12, 1973 in Brooklyn, NY, Kandie loved to dance and write in her journal.  She had an intense love for traveling and exploring.  She loved her children greatly, but unfortunately they had been placed into foster care a few months prior to her disappearance. 

Kandie had debilitating seizures, which were often triggered by stress or excessive heat.  She would actually go into a childlike state with each seizure.  Her family fears that she may have had a serious seizure that rendered her incapacitated, and that she could even be unidentified living in a hospital or care facility. 

DNA from her family was put into the CODIS system for comparisons against unidentified remains.

Physical description:  Black hair (possibly with a reddish tint when she disappeared), brown eyes, African American, and about 160-205 lbs.  Her height is unknown, but it is estimated to be around 5’2″, give or take a few inches. Her daughter does not know if she has  any tattoos.  Kandie does have one “split” earlobe; her daughter does not remember if it is the right or left earlobe. (The earlobe split happened when her son yanked on her earring years prior.)  She also had a nose ring. Kandie had a c-section in the past, which may have left an abdominal scar (c-section scar).

When Kandie went missing, she was wearing a jean skirt and a white shirt that had a pink design on the front.  Her family states that they do not believe Kandie owned a cell phone at the time of her disappearance.

Kandie did not have a car, nor did she have a driver’s license or know how to drive, when she disappeared. Any time she traveled long distance, she required someone to come along, and she would take a bus or plane.

Detectives looked into her case and found that she had never stopped receiving her disability payment.  It is uncertain if the money is accruing or if it has been used.  It is also unknown if Kandie is the one who is receiving the funds or if it is a fraudulent situation.

Kandie’s children saw her a few months prior to her disappearance.  They had gone into foster care.  One of her daughters had been placed in a group home.  The last person to actually see Kandie was her mother.

The last known address for Kandie is 193 Fountain Ave in Brooklyn, NY.  Her family had resided at this same address.  There were clues that Kandie may have went to stay there briefly in or shortly before 2008, but when the address was checked, no one was living there anymore.

Kandie’s father is from NY.  He passed away three years ago, but he did not see Kandie since 2006 or prior.

I found records that suggest Kandie may have resided in Clovis, CA or Fresno, CA at some point. A couple people finder websites have her first name listed as Melia.

If you have any information on her case, please contact:

Please reference NamUS case #MP73128.

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