Jerson (Gerson) Otoniel Osorio Lopez – Missing Since July 1, 2020

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Jerson Otoniel Osorio Lopez is a 34-year-old man who went missing by the Mexican border (on the Mexican side), on July 1, 2020. He may go by the following names:
■ Jerson Otoniel Osorio Lopez
■ Gerson Otoniel Osorio Lopez
■ Jerson Osorio Lopez
■ Gerson Osorio Lopez
■ Jerson Lopez
■ Gerson Lopez
■ Otoniel Osorio Lopez
■ Otoniel Lopez

Jerson is an immigrant to the United States who was born in Guatemala. He had previously been living in Maine. He was deported out of the USA four times. He attempted to cross the border back into the USA again on July 1, 2020. He made it as far as Caborca, Sonora, Mexico, while he was attempting to cross the desert. On July 1, 2020, he was texting his girlfriend’s mother. He texted, “I am at the line”. The very last next (and last) text Jerson sent was significant, as it implied he was in danger… it read, “Oh f**** me.” That was the last time any of his family or friends had heard from Jerson.

Jerson’s DOB is December 11, 1986. He has two children who live with their mother, in Maine. His mother still lives in Guatemala and is desperate to find him.

Physical appearance: He has black, wiry hair. His eyes are brown. He is about 5’4″ and about 180-190 lbs.

Distinguishing characteristics: He has two fake front teeth. He also has one white cap on one tooth. He has no tattoos.

If you’re not a follower on my website, I not only post about cases, but I help research each case and update them accordingly. I use extensive tagging with both specific details and “outskirt specific” queries. That is done in efforts of detectives and ‘websleuths’ attempting to link him as a John Doe (whether living or deceased), or to match him with a living person– homeless, transient, etc. The goal of me leaving the following rabbit hole of research, which will be updated accordingly), is to keep a trail of what has been done and what has not been done in the search for Jerson. If you are actively helping in looking for Jerson, also read the comments. If you have helped to call any agency searching for him, please comment below.

Jerson was last using an Android phone. It is unable to be traced at this time, because his Gmail account is unknown. His sister-in-law is trying to find out what his Gmail is.

A police report has not been made yet in the USA. (Underground Mysteries specifically posts about unreported or underrepresented cases. One of my goals is to help the family file a police report. From there, his phone will eventually be pinged, as long as a USA detective will be working on his case. There is a chance that a file may not be able to be made for Jerson, because he actually went missing in Mexico, and he was not ever legally a resident of the USA.)

ICE and BOP ( have been searched, but no clues have been formed.
A nation-wise prison search was made, but there were no clues.

Jerson’s contact information: Jerson’s phone numbers were 207-270-2027 and 207-249-8973, both Maine-based numbers. The first number has been called and texted. The person who answered said that the number belonged to her daughter who has had it for four months. The second number goes to a busy tone when called.
Social Media: Jerson has two Facebook pages:

DNA: A DNA kit was sent to the Colobri Center.

On the agenda list is:
■ File a police report.
■ Have him entered in NAMUS.
■ Have his family submit DNA to CODIS and then to Gedmatch.
■ Search for more John Doe’s. (I’ve been searching to see if any are a likely match.)
■ Make Facebook page and group for finding him.
■ Ask his friends if they know what his Gmail address is.
■ Circulate YouTube video to group. Circulate his story to groups of the area in which he vanished, especially near the Sonora Desert, Southern Arizona, and Southwest New Mexico.
■ Check all social media accounts.
■ Call all local jails.
■ Keep checking BOP at
■ Using every link below to cross off each suggested task.

Here are excellent links for tools that assist in searching for people who go missing near the USA/MX border:

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