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Barbara R. R.

Missing/Unidentified Person Activist/Advocate. Forensic investigator @ Underground Mysteries and Doe Naming. Investigative Journalist for missing people. Content Creator / Graphic Designer for missing people awareness. Forensic genealogist for cold cases.

I search for, write about, and locate missing people. Also, I give names to unidentified cold case criminals and unidentified people by use of DNA in some cases and without DNA in other cases. I created and maintain a database for missing people in the USA (as well as the first one of its kind in Mexico) and an interactive map for missing people in the USA. Incorporating heavy SEO keyword tagging in my articles has proven a useful tool for people trying to reunite lost individuals with their family. A creator of Python scripts, I have designed a program that I use in my searching methods, as well as many other innovative measures.

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