Raymond Kenneth Brisson (aka “Ken”), Missing Since May of 2017

Update, December 5, 2021: A tip came through my website yesterday through the Facebook plugin, that Raymond Brisson was seen in 2019 with a young woman, Leah Windsor, who also went missing shortly after they got engaged. Raymond worked in Edmonton at LA Fitness (167 Ave.) when he was last seen by Windsor’s family. She is also from the Edmonton area, where he was also living when they got engaged. Neither have contacted their family since 2019. Windsor has not yet been officially reported missing. I have urged her family to file a police report. There is suspicion they are both in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. When Brisson met Windsor’s family, he told them he did not have any contact with his family. Windsor’s family states they both suffered mental issues at the time of their disappearance. The Windsor family was not able to locate Brisson’s family for the last two years, and they did not know how to find him to ask where Leah Windsor is, until Windsor’s sister found this article through an online search for Brisson. That is when I contacted a relative of Brisson to provide the tip, so they can report to police.


Raymond Kenneth Brisson, known to most people as “Ken”, went missing in May of 2017 after leaving the Henwood Treatment Center, which is located at 18750 18 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5Y 6C1, Canada.

His family and friends are very worried about him, and they are seeking answers. His mother, father, sister, and friends are looking for clues to his whereabouts. He also has two young children who miss their father. His parents live in Wabamun, which is not too far from where he disappeared.

Ken is described as fairly shy and conservative, but he can be outspoken. He has experience working as a millwright.

Ken’s birthday is January 24, 1991. He would be 30 years old today in 2021. He was 26 when he went missing.

Before Ken vanished, he was in and out of drug and alcohol treatment programs. It is quite possible that Ken may have changed his name.

Physical description:
○Light to medium brown hair, which may be perceived as dark blonde.
○Eye color: Brown
○Height: 5’11”
○Weight: about 200 lbs
○Skin color: White / Caucasian
○Distinguishing characteristics: Half of his left eyebrow is white. He has a tattoo on his inner right arm that says “family” in cursive. He is shown in one of these photos wearing glasses, but it is said that he doesn’t wear them often. He probably does not have glasses in his possession. He does not require wearing them at all times. He may have a mustache and beard.

It is uncertain exactly what day he left the treatment center. Supposedly none of his family or friends heard from him after his release. While he was in rehab, he did not touch base with his family, which is unusual for him. He was known to live off the grid at times, but he always kept in contact with his family. The last time his family spoke with him was around February or March of 2017. Ken had told a friend he was considering going into treatment around March, but he never told his family. A detective was able to trace his steps and confirmed he did in fact go to the Henwood Treatment Centre and was released sometime in May of 2017.

Ken gets along great with his family, and he has never lost contact with them before. His circumstances are perplexing to his loved ones. Did he develop amnesia? Did he become disoriented? Did he meet with foul play? Did he get lost? Was he trying to reach his family but couldn’t find a way and planned on reaching out after rehab? Those are some of the hypothetical scenarios that run through my mind when wondering what may have happened to Ken.

Ken likely did not have cellular service at the time he went missing. He may have had a burner phone in his possession, but it is unlikely the phone had cellular service. Ken was known to use burner phones. He frequently had a new number. He uses a Gmail email address. He did not use social media when he disappeared.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Edmonton, it is on the west coast in the central region of Alberta, Canada. It is about 7 hours north of the United States border.

Have you seen him? Please contact the Edmonton Police Department if you have any information, at 780-423-4567.

This is a photo of a missing person named Raymond Kenneth Brisson. He goes by the name  "Ken".  He went missing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  in 2017 in his 20's.  He would now be in 30 in 2021.  He is an endangered adult. Have you seen him?

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