Ronald Owen Kimble- Missing since April 12, 1977

Ronald Owen Kimble went missing on April 12, 1977 in Seattle, Washington. His date of birth is April 21, 1953. He is 5’9″, 150 lbs, Caucasian, with reddish brown / auburn hair and a ruddy skin complexion. It is uncertain whether or not Ronald is still alive. I wanted to write about his case after an associate of mine, Sam, mentioned how he thought Ronald could be John Doe Delafield (an unidentified man who died in September of 1977). I wanted to publicize his case in hopes others will share the case, and to see if anyone knows his whereabouts.

As of today, there is hardly any public information on Ronald’s disappearance.

So, I went ahead and researched the case and found the names of his siblings, parents, and so forth.

According to Charley Project, Ronald was homeless at the time of his disappearance. He was a traveler / nomad / transient.

His parents are now deceased.

I built a large family tree for Ronald to share with the DNA Doe Network to see if his ancestors match any of their unidentified people’s ancestors, specifically John Doe Delafield.

I will be circulating this post to see if anyone has any information on Ronald’s whereabouts.

He went to Shoreline HS. I joined the alumni group on Facebook to see if anyone has heard from him (I realize that is a longshot).

If you have any information on this case, please contact the Seattle Police Department at 206-684-5582.

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