David Allen Crabtree

David Allen Crabtree has been missing since about 1998-2000, most likely 1999, at the age of 13. His DOB is August 11, 1986. He was born in Claremore Oklahoma Indian Hospital and is Native American and Caucasian.

When David disappeared, he had been living in the Cherokee Nation Housing, not to be confused with the Cherokee Reservation in Locust Grove. He was registered as Cherokee.

His parents’ names are Brenda Jo Crabtree and James Daryl Crabtree Sr.

He has a brother named James Daryl Crabtree Jr and twin sisters born 1982. The parents were married and living at home when David vanished.

The circumstances surrounding David’s disappearance are vague. His brother’s wife posted his story to a Facebook group and explained that while the family did search for the missing boy, his case was not officially reported. Thus, this is an unreported missing person case.

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